Zebronics Zeb-Klarity USB Gaming Mic For Recording Reviews

It is good for gaming. I tested it with my other phone and also played background music. Background music is cut out completely. And I can only hear myself. It’s absolutely amazing that I recommend buying it, there is no better mic than this. And it was cheap!

Ok so I ordered this mainly for recording clips of my and my friend’s gaming and it has done its job very well!

I’ve been using this product for 6 months now.


  1. – Lightweight, easy to place around
  2. – Good sound quality
  3. – I’ve dropped this mic accidentally a few times but it stays sturdy 😀
  4. – Easy on and off button is inbuilt into the microphone itself
  5. – Has not given any connection issues so far
Zebronics Zeb-klarity Usb Gaming Mic For Recording Reviews
Zebronics Zeb-klarity Usb Gaming Mic For Recording Reviews

You can record and stream with the best quality ever

The sound quality is great and the noise cancellation could be improved but it has much better quality than a caller mic, I started my YT channel and I am so impressed with the quality of this mic after my test i am going to start streaming which I never did because of the quality of my caller and headset mic i bought them at 1200rs. But I bought it for just Rs.800. And gives a much higher quality. So don’t waste your time buying a headset and caller mic this is a better option for you!

No problem yet it’s been 3 months

If you a gamer have already ordered it, this Zebronics product you can totally trust, as it gives a gaming look to your rig and also provides crystal clear sound to your teammates, if you are a gamer. It also has a kill switch if you are using an open mic and ur gf. If mom is angry with you, you can turn it off right away, this feature is followed by 48 people who find it helpful

Good for my zoom calls.

I was looking for a good mic for pc – either 3.5mm or USB. Bought it for Rs 799

About this item

  • Premium gaming USB Mic ergonomic design
  • An adjustable neck that comes with a 360-degree tilt
  • Omnidirectional mic with an LED indicator
  • Noise filter for crisp and clear audio
  • Frequency response 100Hz to 10kHz
  • Sample Rate 44.1kHz
  • Compatible OS :- Win XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Cable length :- 1.48M
  • Impedance 2.2k
  • It does not come with Noise Cancellation.

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Q:Is it use for meet

A: yes I use it perfectly

Q:Is it compitable with mobiles?


Q:It is working in google meet,webex,windows meet,zoom etc??


Q:Is speaker is there to listen the sound as my laptop own sound is not working