Step proper up and input a quick story in our annual contest

Brief tales can be as effective and moving as longer works of fiction; in truth, a few argue that this form can be even extra influential because short memories convey their valuable message in an unmarried, resonant hit.

If singular is like lighting fixtures in a room with all the lighting in the house, then a short tale is like the use of a flashlight to light a hidden nook. Brief memories are also a splendid region to take dangers,

Step proper up and input a quick story in our annual contest
Step proper up and input a quick story in our annual contest

creating things that hobby you however that might not paintings in the course of the radical. As the prolific novelist, quick story creator, and comedian e-book author Neil Gaiman puts it:

“brief stories are little home windows into different worlds and other minds and other desires. They may be trips you could take to some distance aspect of the universe and nevertheless be at night. Can come returned in time to devour.

Round five of the twelfth annual Florida weekly writing assignment maintains this week,

imparting image cues decided on via our editors to inspire short stories written by our readers. Here’s how it works: you have till 5 p. M. Sunday, August 7, send us a beginning tale the usage of simply one of the 3 snapshots shown right here — simply one — as your inspiration. Please hold your paintings to most of 750 phrases. There may be no minimal phrase count. No extra poetry,

thank you. Run your story thru spellcheck. Enter your first and ultimate call, email deal with, smartphone wide variety and metropolis

we can submit the pinnacle four tales in our 26-27 October variants (the winning authors may be interviewed for an article accompanying the ebook of their memories).

Our 5th-to-tenths may be posted inside the coming weeks as space lets in. So re-examine the regulations, take a look at the photograph cues for round five after which faucet into your innovative juices. Simply do not forget: the deadline to enter round 5 is 5 pm. Sunday, august 7. As continually, we look forward to listening to from you. I

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