Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 STM Lens Review

I am a new bee to the DSLR game, after getting a canon 750d or rebel t6i, started exploring abt features and how to use it, etc, the default lens I found was an 18-55mm zoom lens that which is good but not good lowlight photography so did some research and decided to go with my first prime lens EF 50mm STM (advanced technology used with a stepper motor) smooth focusing and less noise as compared to traditional lens decided. and trust me this lens is a must, indoor photos are awesome, and especially bouquet shots, amazing.. just like it after a few hours of use default lens is meh (but of course, it is a zoom lens) And with this lens, you need to adjust the frame but moving back and forth. Haven’t tried the video yet, will update once I try it. If you have bought a DSLR and you are a new bee, then you must give it a try..?

Canon Ef 50mm F1.8 Stm Lens Review
Canon Ef 50mm F1.8 Stm Lens Review

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For a novice or amateur photographer, a 50mm prime lens would be a great lens to add to an existing kit-lens kit. The large focal length helps in taking better photographs in low light. Best lens for portraits, with crisp sharp imaging. And given the large focal length, the bokeh effect is easy to achieve.

Helpful for Mirrorless camera users

You will need a mount adapter to connect this DSLR lens with a mirrorless camera. I purchased a Vigilox EF_EOS M mount adapter to use with my Canon M50 mark ii mirrorless camera. I was a newbie I didn’t know this before purchasing it.

A great prime lens for photographers!

So are you looking for a prime lens? Are you an amateur Photographer? Are you looking for a lens that can give you the best candid pictures?
Then don’t waste a single second and buy this lens. This lens gives you incredible candid shots. The focus of the lens is fixed at 50mm and the aperture you can be set up to f/1.8.
Even the night shots are perfect. If you take my words then don’t go for Tamron or Other brand’s 50mm lenses. Go only for genuine canon lenses.

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Q: is it compatible with canonbl eos 1300d

A: yes it is compatible.

Q: is it compatible with canon 200D mark 2?

A: Yes, it is compatible with any Canon DSLR.

Q: Can I use it with canon eos 1500D

A: yes

Q: can I use it on cannon 1200d

A: yes you can…