I Love you Green screen video download

I Love you Green screen video download

When getting into photography, the biggest question people always have is what camera to buy. With thousands of camera options out there and even more for lenses, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, you probably

already have a sort of camera, and as the adage goes: “the best camera is the one that you have with you.” While there’s not much you can change about the physical hardware inside your smartphone, there’s much you can do to improve the quality of your mobile shots

Smartphone manufacturers have been getting increasingly creative in finding ways to improve their camera hardware, and the gap between DSLRs and smartphones is closing quickly.

For example, the blurry-background effect (bokeh) once exclusive to DSLRS has been replicated by almost every smartphone manufacturer in the last year, with the iPhone, Galaxy Note8, OnePlus 5T, Essential Phone, and Google Pixel all implementing some version of ‘Portrait Mode’.

With the obvious size limitations of a smartphone camera, smartphone makers are also looking to emerging technologies to continue pushing the envelope of photo quality. pioneered by Google and Samsung. These sensors

give the phone an increased ability to detect depth and detail. While DSLRs might adapt this technology in the future, for now it is exclusive to smartphones.

  1. Clean your lens – Your phone travels with you everywhere and gets covered with all kinds of fingerprints, dust, and dirt. Clean it before you use it!
  2. Turn on HDR (if you have it) – High Dynamic Range (or HDR for short) takes shots at multiple exposures and compiles them into one image, decreasing over-exposure of bright elements in your photos
  3. Use your feet – Your best zoom lens will be your feet and walking around can actually help you find a better angle that you might not have found before. Remember, they’re called mobile phones for a reason, and there are many positions you can get into with a smartphone that you can’t with a big camera.
  4. Consider adding your own light – Every high-end smartphone on the market probably comes with its own built-in flash, but borrowing a smartphone and adding light from a different angle can create a dramatic effect not possible with built-in flash.

I Love you Green screen video download

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